The Lighthouse Easter Bunny, Pendolino,

Tarja / PendolinosMom's Bridgekid,

cordially invites you to join the celebration with your
Bridgekids' and Earthkids' Easter photos,
stories and memories.

Lucky admiring her Easter Tree
Happy Easter, my darling Furdaughter.
Love from Mummy and Daddy and all your dozens of aunties and uncles at the Lighthouse

Marie / Maite's Earthkid Lucky

The Bunny and the Baskethound
Sylvia / momosmom's Earthkids Romeo and Bella

Jeanie / Rainbowmom's Bridgekid Rainbow

Rhoda / rmmp's Earthkid Lucy Mae

Rainbow photographed on Bobby's 7-month Bridgeday, November 8, 2007
Bobby, Easter will never be the same since you left me Easter 2007. I like to think it was God's way of telling me how much he needed you that day.

I wish I had a photo of you in a bunny suit, but you just weren't the "dressing up" kind - you were much too dignified.

I will always love you, my sweet Bobby Dog.

Judi / BobbyDogsMom

Cindy / SinbadsMom's Easter Memories

My kitties - Bridgekids Sinbad and Tiger, and Earthkid Frosty - always loved Easter toys, especially the little windup plastic ones and the battery-operated rabbits that hopped and squeaked. Those plastic eggs made great cat toys, too. But Frosty has always been too interested in the Easter grass in the baskets - she'll try to eat it, so we have to be careful to keep it out of her reach.

Tiger celebrating a warm afternoon on Easter Sunday, March 27, 2005, two weeks and a day before she went to the Bridge

Frosty and Tiger later that Easter

The Lighthouse - for pet loss grief support