We would like you to know about some pet loss grief support resources that will provide you with a lot of information quickly.

The first of these is, Moira Anderson Allen's site, which offers a wealth of information, with her page on the emotions of pet loss especially helpful for understanding what you're experiencing now.

And because almost everyone here is offering support to others as well as receiving support - and because some people visit these sites to find information to help them comfort a friend who's grieving - we recommend this page of practical advice on How to Effectively Support Someone Grieving the Loss of Their Animal from Teresa Wagner's Animals In Our Hearts site.

(People who have lost both human loved ones and beloved pets should know that there are forums where they're welcome to talk about both. Our members often post messages on our pet loss boards about human loved ones they've lost, and some forums where most of the members post about human loved ones also offer sympathy and understanding to those who are grieving after losing pets. Some of our members and staff are also members of Sandy Goodman's Love Never Dies 4U forum, and a remembrance calendar for our friends there is included here.)

Toll-free Hotlines Offering Grief Support After Pet Loss

- US -

University of California Davis (UC Davis) School of Veterinary Medicine's Pet Loss Support Hotline
The UC Davis hotline has unfortunately been eliminated due to a budget crisis. They now direct people looking for the hotline to their Pet Loss Support Resources page, which includes a list of other pet loss hotlines.

University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine's C.A.R.E. (Companion Animal Related Emotions) Pet Loss Helpline
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7-9 pm Central Time
(877) 394-CARE (2273). If you are in the Champaign, Illinois area, their local telephone number is (217) 244-CARE (2273).

Iams Pet Loss Support Line
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. 5 p.m
(888) 332-7738

- UK -

The Blue Cross - Pet Bereavement Support
Telephone and email befrienders
The Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) is dedicated to offering support and understanding to bereaved pet owners through a national network of trained volunteer telephone and email befrienders, all of whom are ready to help. All calls and emails are treated confidentially.
Support Line: 0800 096 6606
Email Support:

- Canada -
(These hotlines are not toll-free)

Pacific Animal Therapy Society (P.A.T.S.)
Between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, any day of the week. Leave your name and number and a volunteer will return your call as soon as possible, with long distance calls returned collect.

The OVC (Ontario Veterinary College) Pet Loss Support Hotline
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. But calls are picked up daily, and urgent calls are returned the same day. The hotline is run by trained student volunteers who are guided by faculty, staff and grad students.
519-824-4120; Ext 3694

Comforting Poetry

We're very happy that Steve Bateman (steve-zella), a moderator at Lighthouse Beacon now as well as a friend from Petloss and the Lighthouse, has contributed some of his beautiful poems to our boards and website. More of his poems (many of which are included in his book, Rainbow Tears) can be found on

Steve's website

Pet Care

People searching for grief support websites online are often pre-grieving, with a pet who's very ill. We have pet care forums on both our boards, but we also recommend large message boards where questions about health and nutrition can be answered quickly:

The Cat Site forums

The forum
(including archives of the older forum,

Bird Board

We also recommend VetInfo and the Pet Care library.

If you need financial help with vet expenses:

You can find a comprehensive list of organizations that may be able to help here.

PDSA for pets in need of vets offers help in the UK, and their eligibility page links to a page listing
other animal charities in the UK.

Spay USA does not offer financial help directly, but is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.


A number of our members are involved in rescue work, whether through an organization or on their own.

Jean Boileau (Justme John) has the Loving The Feral Soul website.

ADCs (After Death Communications)

As explained on the Welcome / About Our Boards page here, ADCs or after death communications are an important subject of conversation on both our boards, especially in the two forums in that section of the Lighthouse, and in the Rainbow Bridge forum at Lighthouse Beacon.

For general information about ADCs, two websites are particularly helpful:

After-Death Communication (ADC)

This site is provided by The ADC Project, which was created by Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim, authors of Hello From Heaven.

After Death Communication Research Foundation

This site belongs to Jeffrey Long, M.D., and Jody Long, J.D., who are also on the board of directors at IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies).

The Lighthouse - for pet loss grief support