April 1989 -
December 1993

The name fits you, my dear Rascal. Mommy and Daddy waited for about a week to name you. We wanted your name to fit your personality. And boy, did it ever - you were a little rascal! Always getting into things, and almost getting yourself stuck in betweeen the deck and a tree.

Mommy and Daddy found you by accident. We were driving down a street and we saw a bunch of little puppies running around. We stopped just to see if they were being given away. Here you came running up to us - you picked us, we didn't pick you. You were the one that wormed himself into staying in the house. I always said I would never have a dog in the house...well, you proved me wrong. Slowly but surely you made yourself at home. You even got to sleep in the same bed as Mommy and Daddy.

You would always make sure you had something in your mouth before we went to bed. You would sleep on your back between Mommy and Daddy. You always made it a point to have one of Mommy's slippers in your mouth.

I think you were sent to us to protect Daddy. Daddy is a diabetic and one night you were really acting up and trying to get my attention. Once you did get it, I awoke and found Daddy unconcious from having low blood sugar. Thank you, Rascal, for saving Daddy! Daddy is here, but you are gone.

One day you got in with a pack of dogs and you disappeared. I should have locked you in the back yard. Why I didn't, I don't know. Mommy and Daddy searched for you for days, going over and over the same path, up and down the creek.

Why to this day I did not follow my instincts, I don't know. Something kept tugging at me to go down this one road, but I ignored it. A few days later Daddy happen to drive down that road and found you dead in the field. I often wondered if you were still alive when I had that feeling. I guess I will never know until we meet again.

Rascal, we miss you and love you very much. Thank you for finding us and giving us four of the best years of our lives.


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