Valentines For Our Bridgekids

Happy Valentine's Day to my fluffy sailor and soulmate, Sinbad, and my sweet silly wiggleworm, Tiger!
Love you forever,

Cindy (SinbadsMom)

Dear Morrigan,
I miss you and it is still hard not to cry when thinking of you. I will always love you.

Chris (Morrigansmom)

Valentine's wishes for my special boy!

Marge (Lab__lvr)

Happy Valentine's Day from my heart to yours, Maggie Rose!

Rhoda (rmmp)

Happy Valentine's Day, Tanny Bear and Shelle-Belle!
All my love forever and always,
Your Mommy

Patti (TanzeysMom)

forever in my heart,
forever my Valentine.

Barb (jetsonsmum)

Karson, my love,
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love you always,

Pam (Karsons mommy)

LOVE to my sweetieheart calico, Libby, and to Kipper, my always cheerful and curious brown tabby.
Happy Valentines's Day, my Bridge Darlings,

Love you everyday,
thinking of you always...
Happy Valentine's Day!
Mummy xxx

Pat (Bonnie's mum)

Love and hugs to Whiskey, Taffy and Maya - the dearest furangels in my life.
Mummy xxx

Marie (Maite)

Tiffany my Princess, Bandit my Lover Boy, Scarlett my Punkin' Pie. Happy Valentine's Day, my darlings. I don't have 2 thoughts without you in between. Never doubt how much I love and miss you. Until we meet again, all my love - Mom
Sheree (My3Angels)

Puff, my sweet girl...
You are my Valentine...forever.
I love you so,

Suzanne (howescats)

Happy Valentine's Day,
Sweet Sparky!
We all miss you and hope to see you one day. Love,
Mommy, Daddy,
Rex, Aninka and Rusty.

Anna (lady aninka)

Dear Lycos and Kitty Scarlett O'Hara!
Happy Valentine's Day to my sweet Rainbow Angels! You are in our hearts always and forever missed. With Love,
Mommy & Daddy and your canine / feline siblings

Vicki (Mom2Lycos)

Happy Valentine's Day,
Pendolino, my treasure!
I love you always and miss you
until we meet again.

Tarja (PendolinosMom)

To my 2 sweet Valentines who are forever in our hearts,
Rae, Rick and Brandon

Rae (Timber)

You will always be my Valentine - you are in my heart forever! I love you, Ruger Boo Boo Jones!
Hugs and Kisses,

Donna (FurKidsMom)

Happy Valentine's Day to my baby boys!

Ronelle (Phofer)

Together again, my loves, my valentines, Bobby and Eve.
And sweet Shadow suds, my sleek little valentine.
Your Mommy

Judi (BobbyDogsMom)

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to my Valentine Angel, my sweet Sammy Sus! I love you and always will.

JoAnn (sussmom)

You are surrounded by love on this day and every day, my precious Chi.
Hugs, my Sweet!
Happy Valentines Day!

Sally-Jo (sj_Chi_s_mom)

My darling Gweilo - am passing on the message - love forever - your Mum
Di (White Ghost)

Happy Valentines Day, Patty aka Sweetie Pie, Candy aka Swupper, Cindy aka Little Girl, and Turbo aka Mommy's Girl! I love and miss you, my girls.
Love, Mama

Jean (jeanszb)

For my funny, comical Forever Valentine, Champee -

Benita (cbaker)

Forever in my heart. Happy Valentine's Day to my dear sweet piggies. I love you both, always and forever.

Karen (PetuniasMommy)

I love you, boys, and you truly are
the center of my heart.
Love you,

Michelle (GizmosMom)

Happy Valentine's Day to My Partners In Crime.
Mommy and Daddy

Dee (TrixieMom)

Happy Valentine's Day to my fluffy puppy!

Donna (Mandi's Mom)

I miss you so much, Tazz. I wish you peace. I will love you forever.

Jessica (jtazz)

To my sweet Bubba...
You will eternally be the love of my life~~
Your Forever Mommy

Cherie (my*sweet*bubba)

To Abby & Lucy with Love,
May your Valentine's Day be happy.

Lois (AbbyNLucysmom)

Laddie, my brother, my Prince.
Happy Valentine's Day xxx.
Kiss our mummy for me. You are both together again, as she always wanted.

Marie (Maite)

Valentine's HUGS for Daddy's girls, Abby, Precious & Ginger!
Benita (cbaker)

Happy Valentine's day to all my angels! I wish I had your pictures so everyone could see your precious faces. To Boots and Blackie, my very first puppies. Sandy my darling, I'm so glad we found you that hot summer day. Bear, you big lovable dear. Your gentle spirit seemed so out of place for a big German Shepherd. Angel, your name fit you well, a sweeter little Yorkie never walked this earth. Smokey, my first and only kitty, you can never be replaced. Channel, you will always have a special place in my heart, you gave me the love of my life, Tiffany. JoJo and Michelle, brother and sister, yet so different. To all, Happy Valentine's Day! Until we meet again, all my love - Mom XOXOXO
Sheree (My3Angels)

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