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Offering support, comfort and hope to those who have lost a pet or are facing a loss...

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The Lighthouse By Rainbow Bridge
SinbadsMom's Blog

Welcome to The Lighthouse!

We are all here because we have lost a beloved pet, or are facing a loss. For some of us, the loss is very recent. For others, it may have been many years ago. But all of us understand the pain, from the earliest and rawest grief to the continuing awareness that we will always miss our loved ones, our Bridgekids (the pets who have gone ahead to Rainbow Bridge), until we are reunited with them.

We are all familiar with the darkness of grief, and the need for a light to shine through it. A support group can provide that light.

We're here for one another, and for you, with our message boards, chat rooms, candle ceremony and memorial pages.

Lighthouse Beacon (our newer, public board) is open for everyone to read. Registration is required to post messages.

The Lighthouse (our original, larger board, with over 120,000 messages) requires registration to read and post messages.

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